February 7, 2014

The world of microrobotics has taken a profound leap forward at this year’s annual Micromachine Mems Exhibition.  Microbot Medical, a tech company that specializes in medical microrobotics, has recently paired with an emerging branch of Google Research code named Chrome Pharm.

Chrome Pharm has recreated Scratch Drive Actuator technology used in the current smallest microrobots and have designed their own Microcontroller. Google’s work in this area has reinvented the current energy generating network, and now provides a remote power source capability and a multidimensional movement feature, which has brought down the possible size of microrobots to unimaginable proportions.  

Microbot Medical in turn is utilizing this new technology to improve their design of their already unprecedented ViRob device.  Its new device, ViRob 2.104 beta, was featured at the Mems Exhibition in a 2 minute promotional video.

The video briefly featured the emerging relationship between Chrome Pharm and Microbot Medical. In the closing 30 seconds of the video, the new ViRob was shown working autonomously through a network of cells, destroying cancer cells by way of a recognition system programmed on Chrome Pharm’s new microcontroller.

At the close of the video, reporters and viewers were stunned to find that neither representatives from Google, nor Microbot Medical were present for comment.  Several sources have cited an even larger exhibition of the work this merge has produced during the 3rd quarter. 

The exhibition has excited the imaginations of many and may be the first step in eradicating that most damned of infections: death.

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